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Smart VR Phoropter (V2Rx)

Is a network of virtual reality headsets (V2Rx) equipped with state of the art technology that monitors the ocular behavior during different vision tests. Artificial intelligence is used to determine the optimal refraction for different user cases without the need to answer when you see best.


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I'm a Person who values her/his sight

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Benefits for eye-care specialist

V2Rx improves the accuracy and repeatability, and simplifies the process of measuring refraction.

It increases your customer flow and the group of people you can help and in addition it requires much less space

It allows you to protocolize your diagnoses and data collection, improving customer experience.

Here is your chance to engineer the future. Tell us your experience and preferences. We appreciate and award your input.


Your benefits as a person who values his/her sight

V2Rx measures your refraction fast and accurate without questions.

Our app, linked to the Smart VR phoropter network, will give you access and control over your own historical data, independent of where and when you had your eyes tested.

And it gives advise on the best practices to keep your eye health under control.

Share your experiences of having your refraction measured and contribute to the next generation of optometric instrumentation. We appreciate and award your contribution.


Tell us your experience and preferences.

Tell us your experience and preferences

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Bart Jaeken


Juan Luis Barreda

Software Engineer

Carlos Cano

Computer Vision & Robotics

María José Navarro

Software Engineer

Collaborations / Partnerships

Advanced Imaging Group

CO-Working Murcia 3rd Edition

La Siesta Technologies


Narayana Nethralaya Foundation

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Subsidy PRIV-0004


Subsidy 2019.08.EPTE.0015

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